SEO in Germany

SEO in Germany works. Our SEO agency Webgeist is based in Munich since 2016.
We generate B2B leads and new job candidates with Google optimization in German and English.

SEO in Germany

SEO for industrial companies

We’re specialized in the needs of industrial companies, manufacturers and business apps to get in the German market.

  • Market entry strategy consulting
  • B2B sales leads generation
  • Find new job candidates

Expanding business to Germany

Doing business in Germany is easy with the following steps.

  • Start with a German folder at your website and a German SEO translation of the content.
  • Best way to get found on google in Germany is to provide specialized solutions for a specific target group, because Germany is a country of engineers, and the SEO market is very competitive.
  • It’s easy to start a branch with a virtual office and a local address, which helps for trust at customers and local SEO for Google.
  • A trustworthy local phone number is essential for lead generation. Because for Germans it’s an obstacle to dial a foreign number if you don’t know the company speaks German or English. On the other hand, the phone spam with foreign numbers is massive, everybody is used to ignore or even block unknown foreign numbers via blacklists.
  • As soon as you’re successful running your business in Germany, you can comfortably find an office or a coworking space for the first employees.

Customer reviews

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German SEO services and translation

German SEO services for Google, which works for the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

  1. SEO for industrial companies (German and English)
  2. German SEO translation (of existing English content)
  3. German SEO services (Google, My Business, YouTube)

How do I start with SEO in Germany?

Richard Sirch
Richard SirchStrategic SEO Consultant

Just get in contact and we provide a brief, but personal website check per mail:
You get recommendations, what you should do next.

If this does make sense for you, we get to know us via video conference.

Afterwards we can provide a customer list of industrial companies we work for and the outlook over the upcoming SEO process.